Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FAIR GAME is out! - Patricia Briggs

FAIR GAME by Patricia Briggs came out yesterday.

I want to read it!


Alas, I can't decide between a Kindle version that I can read on my iPad, phone, or computer (but of course not at work...right...not at work...) or a good, old fashioned paper copy that smells wonderful, feels fabulous and will look beautiful next to Cry Wolf, and Hunting Ground.

Suggestions?  Let's make this fun.  Whichever option gets the most votes is the one I'll go with.  So, leave your comment below:

Kindle (or another e-version that can be read on my iPad (and is legal))

In other news, Ms. Briggs was at a signing a few hours away from me last night and I completely missed it.  That's okay, she'll be back at the end of the month...when I'm in another state!  What?!



Alexia561 said...

I couldn't wait to go to the store to pick up a copy, so ordered it on my nook and started reading it at lunch. So far, it's awesome! I vote for the eBook, for instant gratification! :)

Mervi said...

I've pre-ordered both. :) But I still don't have it in my hands, because international mail is slow and I'm visiting my parents without my laptop (I only have kindle for PC). I NEED to read it. Anyway, I vote for the beautiful hardcover.

Ann said...

Reading it now and can't put it down. Ordered from Library.

Suzanne said...

Of course not at work, I would never do that. ;) You read books on your phone?! That's dedication right there!
I vote for E-version (I have an Ipad as well and I can never put it down). Let me know how you like Fair Game!
Just happened to come across your blog and now a new follower! :)
If you find time, (not at work obviously :P) check out my blog at YA Nation
Thanks! Happy Reading!

Jake Austria said...

Excellent work my friend :)