Saturday, April 3, 2010

iPad - Hit or Miss?

Starting today, for the hefty price of $499, you could be the proud owner of a brand new iPad.  Now, I have some mixed feelings about this new device and I will gladly share them here with you.  Keep in mind that I have not actually had the opportunity to play with one.  These are simply my opinions about the general design of the iPad and how it's being advertised.

We've got the Kindle, the Sony eReader, the Nook, and now the iPad (with a few other readers thrown in there).  Now I know the iPad isn't meant entirely to be an eReader, but that is largely how I have seen it advertised.  Here's my problem with that.

The iPad has a lovely backlit display.  Fine for checking email, playing games (Monkey Ball!!), and looking at pictures.  I am a huge Mac fan and so can appreciate the artificial beauty of the iPad.  However, my problem comes with the huge advertisement of this device as an eReader.

Most people that want an eReader, want one for the portability possibilities and because they don't want to try and read on the computer screen all day long.  Let's face it, staring at a backlit screen all day long can get pretty wearing on the eyes.  The iPad, to my knowledge, does not utilize e-ink, the wonderful way eBook readers make their screens similar to reading a new book.  I have a Sony eReader and love it.  I have never experienced eye strain while reading (except for that time I tried to read Lover Revealed in one sitting).  I don't see myself being able to say the same about the iPad.

So, what do you guys think?  Is the iPad and iBooks combination a great new eReader combination or do you think this might be an Apple miss?


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Considering the success of iTunes, I think this will be huge.
You're right - the iPad is far more than a reader. It's a large iPhone/iTouch, with all the capabilities of those devices, PLUS the eReader, Word-type processing program, and more. You can also get an iPad for less money than purchasing an eReader and iTouch separately. Considering B&N released an ap for the iPad to view its eBooks for Nook on the iPad, I think that's also a sign of things to come.

La Coccinelle said...

I don't know. It might be popular with tech junkies, but hard-core readers might opt for one of the devices that are meant for reading.

I guess we'll see...

Cinnamon said...

Diane - I didn't know that the B&N books would be supported. That's interesting.

Cheryl McInnis said...

I think I'll save my $499 and spend that money on books for my Sony Reader, lol. The reason I have a digital reader is so I can fit it in my purse and carry it easily....I don't see that happening with the iPad.

Cinnamon said...

I agree Cheryl. While it does look nice and slim, it still looks fairly large overall. Maybe fans will just have really large purses (or man purses - don't want to exclude our gentlemen). ;)

Anna ♥ said...

I think it won't be as successful as Apple would wish, but still do well. Like La Coccinelle said, Apple fans/tech junkies will probably love it so there is a market for it.

But other than hardcore Apple fans, all I've heard so far on the internet has been people complaining about it. :P I've heard people saying it hasn't lived up to their expectations, and I think I even heard it's missing flash support so internet browsing is a bit wonky or something.

The iPad does have great potential but backlit screen and huge dimensions are cons as an eReader... Also, I haven't heard much about battery life so far, but other e-Ink using eReaders only use power when flipping a page, but this is a backlit screen so, major power consumption, right? I admit, I like the artificial prettiness of it too, so maybe it will do well as a cute gadget. Who knows. :D

Cinnamon said...

Anna - I could see it working well as a mega iPod of doom, but as an eReader? Meh, maybe not. Not for anyone that wants to sit and read for a while anyway. With my Sony, my favorite aspect is that I don't have to plug it in every night. I can keep it in my purse for a while before having to charge it.

I mean really, how inconvenient would it be to have to plug your book in every evening. My current read at any given time is very much a roaming gypsy.

Jessica Kennedy said...

My argument is that it's not portable. It's huge! Nearly the size of a sheet of paper, which to me isn't a portable size at all. I <3 that I can fit my Kindle in just about all of the handbags that I own.

Besides, I own an iPhone and to me the iPad is just a much larger version.