Friday, January 9, 2009

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

Twilight was the first book of my reading spree for the year. I have a habit of having big reading spurts and then slowing down a little. Now that my baby is a toddler, perhaps my reading level will stay a little more consistent. In part, I can attribute my current reading spree to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Pages: 498
My Recommended Age Group: Any Age
Released: 2005
Others in series: New Moon (book 2), Eclipse (book 3), Breaking Dawn (book 4)

I'd heard about the books after I saw a preview for the upcoming movie. The movie looked interesting but I was unsure if I wanted to read the books. Sometimes I feel silly carrying around the latest "it" book simply because it is the latest "it" book. I happened to be wandering the mall one day when I saw Walden's Books offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal. The sign was stuck right on top of the Twilight display.

To be honest, I definitely judge books by their covers. Unless I already know about the author, usually I will pick up a book new to me because of the cover. Man, I have to say, I LOVE the Twilight Saga covers. Those are some of the prettiest covers I've seen. As you've probably noticed from my blog, I'm big into black with sharp, punctuated points of color. In the blog's instance I allow the book covers to serve as the majority of the color because they are well deserving of the eye's attention. The Twilight Saga is gorgeous, in my opinion because of the simple, symbolic covers.

As many have come to realize, the cover of Twilight is symbolic of the forbidden fruit. Twilight is the story of Isabella (Bella) Swan and a young man with ancient eyes, Edward Cullen. Bella is an awkward teenager, coming to live with her father in Western Washington in order to allow her eccentric mother the freedom to follow her new husband and his struggling baseball career. Bella isn't a huge fan of Forks, Washington until she meets a mysterious boy, one whose actions can't be explained through any normal logic.

Twilight is the story of Bella, Edward and their blossoming romance. I find the romance in it to be spectacular! It is a young adult book, so when I say "romance," I mean in the tamest form. Full of action, suspense and that inescapable sticky sweet love story, Twilight is sure to please any teenage girl's imagination. I'm not an expert on the male mind, but I've been reading this book to my husband in the car and he even likes the story - so perhaps this one is good for all genders and all ages!

Unlike some stories designed to continue past the first book, Twilight is perfect in that the end leaves the reader content. Yes, there is the note that more is to come, but the end is an end, giving us some much needed closure. I love books that do that!

Overall: 30/30 - A

I definitely give Twilight a solid A. As silly as it sounds coming from a grown woman, I do believe that Twilight has become one of my new favorite books. It's definitely one that I would like to have with me on one of those rainy afternoons, curled up in a chair with my favorite blanket.

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